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Selection is key when choosing furniture for your home...

But, with so much to choose from, it's easy to get overwhelmed. That is where your Lûxe Design Consultant can help! We are trained to guide you through this process – not dictate what your choices should be. Your home should be as unique as you are. Lûxe works  with a variety of different manucturers from all over the world - which helps us create a home environment that is a special reflection of you and your family. Use the link below to start browsing our vast collection of beautiful home furnishings!

Living Room

Lûxe Home Interiors has a long history of creating  beautiful rooms with the highest  quality furnishings. With bold, fresh ideas and artisan-quality styles, we’ll help you have fun as you  surround yourself with inspiration. Our unlimited selection of styles, fabrics, and textures will provide everything you need to create the beautiful room you've always wanted.



Looking to update your bedroom? Then slip into Lûxe to discover where comfort meets quality. At Lûxe, we have everything necessary to help you create a beautiful bedroom that compliments your style and taste, at a price for every budget. Choose a bed in wood, metal, leather, or fabric and surround yourself with the cozy feeling that you saved a bundle.

Dining & Entertainment

Entertaining friends and family can be very fun ... but also very stressful. However, Lûxe can help relieve some of that stress. Our talented Consultants will help you choose from our extensive collection of dining and entertainment center options to create a stunning room that maximizes space, expresses your style, and ensure that all of your events will make memories that last a lifetime.

Custom Window Treatments, Hunter Douglass, Wallpaper and Accessories

Finishing touch to any room will be accomplished with window treatments. We carry popular products such as Hunter Douglass, but we also specialize in custom products. Our designers are knowledgable and can figure out the impossible yet gorgeous way to decorate your windows. In addition to window treatment we can help with selecting most beautiful wallpapers and accessories.

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